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About us || :star: FAQs and Rules :star: || Info about Folders ||


Let's spread the love... :love:
Welcome to a new #Group dedicated to the Soviet characters from the webcomic and anime Hetalia:
Ivan Braginsky (Russia)
Natalia Arlovskaya (Belarus)
Yekaterina Braginskaya (Ukraine)
Toris Lorinaitis (Lithuania)
Eduard Von Bock (Estonia)
Raivis Galante (Latvia).

:note: Note: This group is dedicated to some characters from the webcomic Axis Powers Hetalia. It isn't related with the real USSR, Communist ideologies nor politics, it's just for entertainment.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletred: Wanna join?
Just go an click on the "Join our group" button :D
Isn't necessary send a note nor leave a join request...

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletred: Wanna send submissions?
Enter to the Group's gallery, and choose the correct folder for your art.

But! there are some rules. Read them before Joining if it's possible
:pointr: Rules and FAQs. :pointl:

►You can submit until 2 deviations per week!

The group gallery is divided in 12 folders:
:pointr: Read more about the folders :pointl:

♣If your art was declined, try re-reading the rules, maybe you're submiting it in the wrong folder or the pic breaks a rule... After, feel free of resubmit it again ^^.

♣If you have any doubt about the rules, ask :)

:star:Note: Remember that only regular members (admins included) can submit to this group. It means that is not allowed to join the group and leave it after the first entry was submitted and/or approved. If you don't want to receive submissions or anything from this group, but you want to send submissions, you can turn off the notifications. So, please, if you want to leave the group, wait at least three days for do it. We also receive notifications of when a person joins or leaves the group and who the person is....

Since it has been happening often lately, If any member do this again, we will block them and they couldn't join again. :new:

Thanks for joining!! Have fun!!! ^_^
Let's spread the love!! If you join, put the icon of the club somewhere in your profile page, please.

:star: Read more about the folders :star:
:star: Read the RULES. :star:


:bulletred::bulletyellow: Wanna Affiliate your group?
It's easy, go to your group page and click on "Affiliate" button... Add Soviet-Hetalia in the box and press check. Message is no needed, we accept any kind of group :D
It automatically adds your group in our Affiliates list and adds our group in your affiliates list.


Hi!! Long time without writing you... Are you there, dear members? :))

:bulletred: I know we aren't that active as before... but some of you may know that we have a folder called "Guest Characters and Guests OCs"... I just wanted to ask to you, members, directly, what do you think about making a folder for each of these "guest characters"?? The OCs folder will remain the same.... That means:
A folder for Prussia, a folder for Poland, one for Moldova, another one for Bulgaria, another one for Czech, and Slovakia, etc...

Just saying because it may generate a bit of confussion about which official characters are accepted in this group...

:bulletred: And talking about this, Czech and Slovakia are now official characters in Hetalia, that means that from now on, we would accept only the fanarts based on the official designs (BTW, the OCs based on them as Czechoslovak republic is still accepted as one character).

Check this link for see the official designs:… (Even though I think they don't have "official colours" yet x'D)....

(Note: If you are looking for a certain info, press CTRL + F and write the name in the dialogue)

► You should remember that this group is dedicated only to 6 (six) characters from Hetalia, and these rules affect to the couples/pairings/and groups.
If you have any doubt about which characters are allowed read… (About Us).

So, what are the rules? Please, pay attention and read them:

:bulletred: Solo Characters: You must not submit anyhing that contains Non-Soviet characters solo (Including OCs*read below for more info* )
:bulletgreen: You can submit any canon Soviet-Hetalian character, for example Russia.

:bulletred: For pairings: You must not submit anything that contains Non Soviet/OC x a Canon Soviet character (For example: Russia x USA isn’t allowed!</b>)
:bulletgreen: You can submit couples between Soviet-Hetalian characters, for example Lithuania x Belarus; Russia x Latvia; Estonia x Ukraine, etc. etc. etc.
:note: Note: When we say "pairing" we aren't talking only about a love couple... If there are 2 (two) characters in your pic is pairing/couple.

:bulletred: For characters in group : You must not submit anything that contains only one canon Soviet and three or more non-soviet characters (For example: Russia, Iggy, France, US, Canada and China group is not allowed!)
:bulletgreen: Try to keep the Soviet-hetalian characters as majority inside a group, for example: Lithuania + Russia + USA. And the soviet must be in main focus and recognizable. (Another example: If you put USA as main, but show the back of Lithuania and Russia is not allowed).
:note:Note: If your pic has 3 (three) or more characters on it, it's a group.

:bulletred: About Crossovers : You mustn't submit crossovers with an only one Soviet character (For example: Nami, Naruto, Ichigo, Lithuania, Tao Ren is not allowed)



► We've decided that those pics of Iván (Russia) with General Winter, should go under PAIRING / COUPLES folder, they are two different characters after all, even if Gral. Winter is part of Russia...



► What Nyotalia and Nekotalia are?
Recently, Hidekaz Himaruya (re)created the genderbent (Boys are Girls, and Girls are Boy) version of the characters. That Genderbent Hetalia is called "Nyotalia", you can see how some characters look here:……
Nekotalia (AKA "Catalia") are the Hetalia characters' cats. Some strips were officially released in the 3rd Volume:…;

:bulletgreen: You can post Nyotalia or Catalia versions of the Soviet-Hetalian characters as long as they look like the original ones...

:bulletgreen: You can still "create" a new version if they don't have a nyotalia or catalia official version yet, only if they look like the original design (For example: Fem!Lithuania must look like Male!Lithuania's expression and colours, etc.).
Once these characters are officially created your own design won't be allowed.


:target:  ABOUT FANCHARACTERS (OCs) and Guest Characters. Read, It's important if you want to post any OCs or other Hetalia characters. :new:

:bulletred: From now on, Soviet-Hetalia will allow entries with "Guest OCs" and "Guest Canon Characters". Solo, in couples and in groups. But, there is always a "but...".

:note: Let's explain a bit: What are the Guest OCs and Guest Canon Characters???

Guest OCs
► Are these characters that weren't created by Hidekaz Himaruya yet, but they represent countries that were Soviet Union or part of the Eastern Bloc:
• Georgia,
• Moldova, He's now official!!
• Armenia,
• Azerbaijan,
• Kazakhstan,
• Uzbekistan,
• Turkmenistan,
• Kyrgyzstan,
• Tajikistan.
• Czechoslovak republic (Czech and Slovakia also) They are official now!!!!
• Albania
• Yugoslavia (all Ex Yugoslavia Countries.)

► Any region/city of the six main countries of this group (like Siberia) is allowed.

►Historical characters from any of the six countries we dedicate this group to, like Anastasia.

:note:Note: Once Himaruya designs it, your OCs won't be allowed anymore here, you should use Himaruya's version.

► Please, try to write in the title or description of the image who your OCs is.

:bulletred: Remember that the six countries of this group are the Hetalian representation of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Guest Canon Characters
►Are some canon characters created by Hidekaz Himaruya that were part  of theSoviet Union the Eastern Bloc. We allow only these characters from this list:

• Feliks Lukasiewicz (Poland)
• Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia/East Germany)
• Elizaveta Hèderváry (Hungary)
• Bulgaria
• Romania
• Moldova
• Czech
• Slovakia

:bulletred: Other canon characters like Yao Wang (China) or Alfred F. Jones (USA) are not allowed. Aswell they are not allowed in couples with any of the characters listed here.

► ► ► We also created a folder especially for them: The  " Guest OCs + Guest Canon Characters" folder. If you go to the link, you'll find some rules inside it, please, read it before submitting anything.

:bulletred:So, what's going in this folder?

In this folder you should submit Fanarts only of Soviet OCs and Guest Characters.
In this folder, you should submit:

• OC and/or Guest solo
• OC and/or Guest groups
• OC and/or Guest Pairings

► Fanarts about an OC or Guest + any of the main characters of this group (as couple or in group), should be in the regular folders.

► We don't accept fanfictions, cosplays, etc. of them alone. Here we accept fanarts only.

:bulletred: don't forget put anywhere in your pic or image description which country is your OC. If there's nothing about it, we'll decline your submission. </blockquote>

► The "~x reader" fanfics are not allowed here.

:star:… (FAQs and Rules) :star:
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